Hard water cures from the soft water specialists

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Why you need a drinking water filter

Aqua Cure drinking water filtersWater supply companies maintain a low level of chlorine in mains water to inhibit bacterial growth in the distribution network. Unfortunately, chlorine and other naturally-occurring organic materials create a taste and smell that many people dislike.

Jug filters are a relatively cheap way to improve the taste and appearance of water which is the reason many people buy them. However, they can only treat a small amount of water at a time, the cartridges have to be replaced frequently, and water that is not used immediately needs to be refrigerated. The plumbed-in filters that we supply provide delicious drinking water and the supply is constant.

The effectiveness of an in-line filter can be extended through additions to the basic filter material. Different types of cartridges are now able to remove or reduce a variety of additional substances. Activated carbon filters are also used as the main element of a larger combination filter system, capable of removing heavy metals and nitrates.

Bacterial growth can occur in filters if they are left unused for a long period of time. All filter cartridges should be changed regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The maximum filter cartridge life for most makes is six months, as recommended by BRITISH WATER.

Choosing your water filter

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