The TwinTec drinking water filter

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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TwinTec introduce the perfect water filter to compliment their water softeners

TwinTec drinking water filterThe new TwinTec drinking water filter is the ideal alternative to jug filters and bottled water. It can be fitted under your kitchen sink and will take its feed from the pipe coming off the rising main. The filter then removes all unpleasant tastes and odours - like chlorine - and provides great tasting water through a separate tap which can be located alongside or behind the kitchen sink. The filter works by treating all drinking water with carbon which is activated at extremely high temperatures so that it is able to absorb huge amounts of impurities. The activated carbon in a single filter cartridge is sufficient to cover ten football pitches so replacement is needed only once everyTwinTec water filter installation year.

Cartridge replacement is simplicity itself. A new one is sent to you each year on the anniversary of your purchase. All you have to do is unscrew the old cartridge and screw in the replacement. What could be simpler? No more messing about with water jugs, no more bottled water to buy and carry home, just two minutes of your time once every year to have all the benefits of pure drinking water.

Technical specifications:

Maximum flow rate: 1.75 litres per minute
Maximum pressure: 1.25 psi (8 bar)
Minimum pressure: 10 psi (0.7 bar)
Maximum temperature: 38 degrees C
Cartridge service life: 1 year

Price: £129.16 (plus Vat)