The TwinTec reverse osmosis drinking water filter

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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The ultimate drinking water purification system

"WHAT IS REVERSE OSMOSIS?" you may ask. And why is it so important to our drinking water?

TwinTex RO filterThe fact is that the water through our taps is whatever our water boards supply. In some cases it is perfectly acceptable for drinking but, especially in hard water areas, it is contaminated by limescale and other impurities collected from the terrain before it reaches the reservoirs. Much of the contamination is filtered out before it reaches the taps in your home but not all. Hence the taste.

OSMOSIS is the movement of liquid from a weak to a strong solution through a semi permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis is a process by which pressure is applied to a concentrated side, so that only clear water migrates through the membrane. Providing you with pure water on tap.

  • Up to 98% rejection of all contaminants
  • Removes 99%+ bacteria
  • Removes scale and hardness
  • Simple & quick filter changes
  • Inexpensive to run at less than 2p per litre
  • Pure drinking water 24/7

The TwinTec RO filter will remove up to 98% of the remaining chemical impurities including alluminium, iron, lead, copper, calcium, chlorine and fluoride.

Price £395.00 plus VAT
Installation: £75.00 plus VAT