The TwinTec XXL water softener

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Twintec XXL Softener - for larger installations       

The XXL model is perfect for larger installations

TwinTex XXL water softenerXXL Features

  • No electrics
  • Water powered
  • No time clocks
  • No computers
  • No user controls
  • Accurate metering
  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for all plumbing systems
  • No costly annual servicing
  • Soft water 24/7

Close up of the TwinTec XXL water softener

The obvious difference between an ordinary softener and the TwinTec is the fact that this water softener has two cylinders as opposed to one. This makes the regeneration process much more efficient.


No electricity

TwinTec uses the flow of water to operate the control module. This is why the softener can cope with fluctuations in water demand in any application, without the need to alter clocks or computer controls.

No programming

The TwinTec requires no programming or maintenance other than keeping it topped up with salt. Rest assured that if it's not being used the softener will not waste water or salt by regenerating unnecessarily, it simply waits for you to return and start using the water again.

Simple, efficient and luxurious!

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