The TwinTec S3 water softener

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It's here now - the TwinTec S3 - brand new design with added sophistication       

TwinTec Features

TwinTec water softeners are designed and manufactured in Britain by a wholly-owned British company exclusively for British requirements.

Water softeners that originate from abroad are usually designed to cover a wider international market. But the UK has some of the most stringent water quality regulations and controls in the world so every component in TwinTec machines is designed and manufactured to comply with WRAS - the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

TwinTec water softeners are the only twin cylinder, non-electric, block salt systems on the market today that have been designed from the ground up to satisfy the requirements of the British market and Softwater Services are main dealers for TwinTec systems.

TwinTec S3 water softener

The TwinTec S3 water softener is the latest incarnation of the ever-popular TwinTec design.

Cutaway view of TwinTec water softenersThe original S1 system was considered by many to be the nearest thing to perfection but TwinTec have now managed to improve on perfection. Still retaining twin cylinder technology, the new model boasts the following features:

  • two state of the art meters to measure both high and low flow rates
  • new ion exchange resin using uniformly-sized micro beads developed by Mitsubishi to make water softening superior in every way
  • adjustable brine valve to fine tune hardness control and economise on salt consumption
  • new one-piece bulkhead and saturator platform to produce brine faster
  • completely modernised cabinet to take up less room
  • shallower lid for easier installation in confined spaces
  • pipe entry and egress designed for left- or right-hand plumbing
  • redesigned transparent salt lid to accommodate new slimline salt blocks with less head clearance required

Kinetic power with no user adjustments

The TwinTec is preset to match the hardness of the water in your area. Water use is measured by a very accurate meter to ensure maximum efficiency and the unit is driven and controlled by the water it uses. If the size of your household changes, the TwinTec valve will adjust automatically to balance your water usage. The system literally runs itself.

Superior salt efficiency and handling

Animation of block salt refill in TwinTec water softenersThe TwinTec's unique metering system and extremely efficient brine control ensures even more miserly salt usage.

Block salt is very easy to load and the transparent lid allows you to see when a new block is required.

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