The TwinTec S1 water softener

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TwinTec S1 water softener

TwinTec S1 cutaway view




The TwinTec S1 water softener is a twin cylinder, non-electric system that offers a continuous supply of soft water and a high flow rate.

It is pre-matched to the water hardness in your area and works effectively with traditional storage tank systems or direct mains feed systems.

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Continuous soft water supply and high flow rate

TwinTec S1 salt loading animationThe unique twin cylinder design gives an uninterrupted flow of softened water and works effectively with traditional cold water storage tank systems and direct mains feeds to combination boilers.

During normal service, both cylinders supply softened water. When one cylinder stops to regenerate, the second cylinder carries on supplying soft water and vice-versa.

Superior salt handling and efficiency

Animation of block salt refill in TwinTec water softeners
A unique metering system and extremely efficient brine control ensures minimal salt usage - saving you time and money.

Block salt is convenient to handle and very easy to load. The transparent salt lid allows you to see when a new block is required and you merely slide off the lid and drop in one or two blocks of salt..

DIY installation

This model is now available by mail order for self-installation. Full instructions are supplied and after-sales telephone support is offered.

Price on application

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