Exterior water softener cabinets

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All-weather protection for your water softener

For situations where a water softener cannot be fitted within the house, we offer a range of weatherproof exterior cabinets to allow the softener to be located outside.
These cabinets are fully insulated and come in a choice of treated marine plywood or powder coated aluminium.

Exterior water softener cabinets

Note: All hoses to and from the water supply must be lagged and the cabinet must be installed only on the outside wall of a room which is heated internally. It cannot, for example, be fitted on the other side of a garage.

G0695 BSS Wooden Outside Cabinet

Wood finish exterior cabinetThis wooden cabinet is boxed fully assembled, complete with wall brackets, ready for installation.

Internal dimensions - H 510mm W 515mm D 285mm.
External dimensions - H 560mm W 625mm D 330mm.

Price: £125 plus VAT

G2742 Standard Aluminium Outside Cabinet

Flat packed to a 1/4 of the size of the standard wooden outside cabinet, this cabinet pops together in a minute using the ingenious push rivets and the installer's thumb. The brackets will still need to be screwed into the wall.
Internal dimensions - H 530mm W 510mm D 280mm.
External dimensions - H 570mm W 600mm D 335mm.

Price: £150 + VAT