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NuWave 400 Series Water Softener

Stylish and modern, the NuWave 400 series is a state of the art softening system comprising the one-piece MD400 unit and the unique two-piece MT400 unit which is designed to fit into almost any location. However small your available space, the NuWave MT400 will slot in. The salt tank can be sited in various locations and is simply connected to the control valve by a flexible 3/8-inch plastic hose. If space considerations are critical, the salt tank can even be stored outside as long as it is adequately protected against frost. In situations where height is a problem, this can usually be overcome by cutting a 9-inch circular hole in the base of the cupboard unit. When the unit is lowered into the hole, only 19-inches remains above the base.

The NuWave 400 Series (£536.40 + VAT) - SUPPLY ONLY - will easily cope with the demands of small to medium-sized households and automatically adjusts its regeneration cycle according to accurately metered water usage thereby using the minimum amount of salt.

The NuWave MT rangeNote: The MT400 system consists of the two units shown on the right hand side of the picture above. The complete range includes the larger MT600 system in the centre and the single tank MD400 on the left with the MD600 behind and to the right.

NuWave 600 Series Water Softener

The NuWave 600 Series (£561 + VAT) - SUPPLY ONLY - uses the same technology as the 400 series but is designed for medium to large households.

Although it still has a compact shape, it provides the highest levels of efficiency and produces plentiful supplies of softened water for every kilo of salt it uses - roughly 650 gallons between each regeneration cycle - more than enough for most large families.

NuWave Two-Sixty Water Softener

One model - enough power for most households

NuWave water softenersThe NuWave Two-Sixty has been carefully designed to be one of the most compact Water Softeners on the market. This means it can be fitted into small spaces such as modern kitchen cabinets. But its compact size doesn't mean that it's short on power. In fact, the opposite applies. The Two-Sixty is also one of the most efficient softeners available. It produces 650 gallons of softened water between each regeneration cycle - more than enough, even for large families.

This superior performance is achieved by careful design of its high capacity resin vessel, and by the use of a finer, more efficient resin. The result is more softened water for every kilo of salt used.

Reliability that's based on twenty year's experience

When NuWave set out to design the Two-Sixty range they had twenty years experience behind them. They knew exactly the things to avoid, such as gimmicky, unnecessary features and over complex electronics. And they knew exactly which key components to use. Most important of all they decided to fit only Fleck Control Valves - universally acknowledged as the most reliable in the world, but incredibly easy to operate. Programming takes less than a minute.


NuWave water softeners are cheaper to run ......

The Two-Sixty is exceptionally efficient in its use of salt and its electricity consumption is negligible.

A combination of careful design, build quality, reliability, performance and low purchase price means that a Two-Sixty water softener offers superb value for money.

NuWave reliability based on more than twenty year's experience

Fleck Control ValveWhen NuWave designed their water softeners they avoided gimmicky, unnecessary features and over-complex electronics. And they knew exactly which key components to use. 

Most important of all they chose to use Fleck Control Valves - universally acknowledged as the most reliable in the world, but also incredibly easy to operate. Programming a control unit takes less than a minute and you can then leave it to work its magic.

Price: £632.70 (plus VAT) - SUPPLY ONLY