Hard water cures from the soft water specialists

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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H2O - SoftWater Services know all there is to know about water

Hard water facts: scale increases the cost of heating waterWe've been around for a long time and we have all the experience to solve your problems.

Our origins and growth

B & G Softwater Services was established in 1979 to satisfy a local demand for solutions to problems caused by the extremely hard water in Kent.

As more Kentish people realised the benefits of softened water, the business expanded rapidly and we soon became the leading supplier in the south east of England. With our long experience in the market, and our unique position to supply products to customers nationwide, we now trade simply as Softwater Services.

Our expansion to cover the commercial sector

From humble beginnings in the domestic market, we later branched out to cover the industrial and commercial sector.

Hard water affects commercial enterprises just as much as it affects households because everybody suffers from excessive heating costs when limescale deposits take a grip on water pipes and heating elements.

Successful industrial installations include many large kitchens, care homes, hotels, restaurants and laundries ... and even an installation aboard the P & O ferry "Aquitaine".

Our location

Ideally located on the A227 about half way between the A2 and the A20 (click here for a map), and with fast access to the M25, the company can easily cope with installations and servicing in Kent, Sussex or southeast London.

We also provide systems for DIY installation in other parts of the UK.

Our solutions

If hard water is your problem, Softwater Services have the perfect solution for you.