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Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Our website has been completely revamped using modern scripting code and sophisticated routines to make the content more interactive. As a result, there are some completely new features and facilities. This guide is intended to help you find your way around.


The new coding involves some JavaScript routines so JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. Without this you will not gain maximum benefits from your visit.

Navigation menus

These are now placed directly below the page header and may consist of one, two or three lines:

  • The top line shows all the main sections of the site - click the one you want to see
  • A second line of options may show as a sub-menu depending on the selection from the top line
  • The third line will usually appear when there are brochures or information sheets that you can download. These are in PDF format and can be saved to your computer.

The background of menu options will change colour:

  1. when you hover your mouse over a link
  2. when you make your selection

The current page will always be highlighted and the title will show in the header.

Navigation arrows

The left-hand column has a left pointing arrow - use this to return to the last page you visited. Longer pages also have an up arrow to return to the top of the page.

Picture of limescale deposit in copper pipeImages and links

If your mouse pointer changes when you hover over a thumbnail image (try the one on the right) or an external domain hyperlink, click it to reveal more information. The image or website will open in an overlay window. To close this window click the X in the bottom right-hand corner or click anywhere outside the overlay.

If you clicked an external link and no web page shows in the overlay, it may be that the website is temporarily offline. Please try again later.

Contact forms

When you contact us for information or to place a salt order, the submission forms now use special code designed to combat spammers. The form will not be transmitted until all the required information has been entered but you will receive an automatic email acknowledgement after successful submission.

Salt orders

When you use our online ordering system you will find it is much slicker than previously. Only the salt type you have chosen will show on the form so it is just a case of supplying your contact details. A copy of your order will be emailed to you automatically.

Find what you need

If you require information that is not obvious from the menus, please use the site map. Here you will find a direct link to every page.

Need further help?

If there is anything else you think we should cover here, please use our contact form to let us know.