Hard water cures from the soft water specialists

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Hard water contaminants cause scale to build up

More than 60% of the country is affected by hard water - predominantly the central, eastern and southern parts. The south-east is particularly affected by the magnesium and calcium contaminants which cause limescale deposits when water is heated.

Picture of limescale deposit in copper pipe The most obvious sign of hard water is the scale that builds up inside your kettle, particularly on the heating element. Your taps will also be dull, stained, or even corroded around the spout. Any surfaces you clean with water end up with a dull film on them. And these are just the things you can see!

Inside your hot water appliances, the damage is not readily seen but the scale build-up is concentrated in smaller areas - it coats the heating elements and it clings to the inner surfaces of pipes and tanks. In time, the carrying capacity of the pipes gradually reduces so that they become blocked and have to be replaced.

Hard water facts: scale increases the cost of heating water

But all the time this is happening, the cost of heating the water is rising constantly - by as much as 25% - and the damage caused by the deposits is shortening the life of your appliances. Cleaning materials become less efficient and you use more soap and detergent to combat the water hardness. The net result is that your hard-earned money goes down the same drain as the waste water ... unless you do something about it.

Make a start now by reading the reviews in the Water Softeners section.

Drinking water facts

The water authorities in the UK actually provide us with the best drinking water in the world but it still contains the contaminants that cause hardness. And the chlorine that is added to eliminate bacteria affects the taste and smell of the water.

But you can do something about it; you can enjoy odour-free drinking water that tastes great. Have a look at the Water Filters section.