Hard water cures from the soft water specialists

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Find answers to your water softener questions here

We offer a selection of questions and answers regarding hot topics related to hard water.

Q. How hard is the water in my area?

Hard water affects more than 60% of Britain's population. In the south-east, the water is particularly hard.

The simplest check is to look inside your kettle. If there is a heavy white deposit on the element and the sides, or if you have to descale it regularly, then your next question must be "Can I benefit from a water softener?"

The quick answer is "Yes, you can!"

Q. What does water softener installation involve?

Our standard installation is quick and unobtrusive. Once installed, you can forget about it except for adding salt as required.

In most cases our standard domestic installation method is suitable for most households. If there are any difficulties we can advise you about this when we carry out the survey. But rest assured ... we usually have a way to get round any problems.

Industrial installation is affected by so many considerations we cannot offer a general guide but, with more than 20 years experience, we do have the expertise to deal with any industrial situation.

Q. How long before I notice the benefits from my new water softener?

Installation is usually completed within two to five working days of placing your order. If you have a direct feed system (as used with combination boilers) the soft water will start to flow immediately after the first salt recharge. If your water passes through a cold water storage tank and is heated in a hot water cylinder, the softened water will gradually replace the water already stored in the tanks and the effect will be slightly delayed. This process can be hastened by running off the stored water but, even if you don't, the changes will soon be apparent.

Q. What about the existing scale in my water system?

Water softeners prevent scalingOnce soft water starts flowing through your system, the corrosion build-up will begin to reverse. It's a lengthy process but the pipes and tanks will clear in time and your heating costs will start to reduce.

Q. How much money can I save with softened water?

The savings provided by a water softener will produce a return on investment within two to four years, but there are also many hidden benefits:

  • Removal of existing scale from your hot water tank and associated pipe work - save on repairs and maintenance.
  • Sinks, taps, toilets, shower screens and bathrooms will remain scale free - no more ugly white stains to wash off.
  • Shower heads will never have to be descaled again.
  • Soft water is a natural conditioner for fabrics, hair and skin.
  • Up to 75% reduction of soaps and detergents - use only one tablespoon of washing powder for your washing machine.
  • Crystal clear bath water and lovely rich lather with very little soap required.
  • Soft water is kinder to heating systems, washing machines and dishwashers making them last years longer.
  • No more messy scum - save on cleaning times.

Q. Will softened water help skin conditions like eczema?

Many eczema sufferers do find that softened water is beneficial. Due to the complexity of eczema it is impossible to quantify why soft water helps but several reports suggest the following:

  • Water softeners eliminate soap curd and result in a cleaner lather that is kind to skin, thus reducing dryness and itching
  • When washing clothes in softened water, the amount of soap powder can be greatly reduced. Also, pure soap products can be used in preference to detergents.


Q. How do I know softened water is as good as you say it will be?

If you're not convinced by the evidence of your own eyes that hard water damages everything it touches and increases your heating bills, we will happily bring you a free sample of softened water and we'll be pleased to answer any other questions you may have.

This offer, which is limited to households within our normal installation area, is absolutely free with no obligation and no hidden strings. But we know that when you experience softened water, you will want it all the time. And the longer you wait, the more you waste - Contact Softwater Services straight away for your free sample.