Hard water cures from the soft water specialists

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Water softeners for commercial and domestic use

EcoWater offer a range of water conditioners to meet the needs of domestic and commercial customers. All softeners use high performance resin in compact space-saving cabinets. High flow rates and low pressure loss make them ideal for direct mains fed supply systems and EcoWater's unique proportional brining process provides high softening capacity combined with low salt and water usage.

Domestic Water Softeners

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Commercial Water Softeners

EcoWater 3000R30 Commercial Water Softener The EcoWater 3000R30 demand-initiated industrial regeneration conditioner is suitable forvery large households, guest houses and small commercial operations. Offering all the advanced features of the ESM units, it also has a counter-current brining process that regenerates from the bottom up for greater efficiency.

EcoWater's theory is that regular downward regeneration removes hardness from the top of the filter bed, where it is most prevalent, and deposits it in the cleaner resin below, which then needs additional regeneration. The counter-current system gets round this problem.

Telephone diagnosis

All units have a built-in diagnostic which relays information to the service centre when a standard telephone handset is held in front of the loudspeaker housed in the unit.

An EcoWater technician can then diagnose the data and tell you how well your system is performing or help you to resolve problems that might otherwise require a service call.