Hard water cures from the soft water specialists

Hard water cures from the water softener specialists

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Culligan Aqua Cleer System

Culligan drinking water filters installationCulligan's aim is to ensure you get drinking water that's as good as, or better than, bottled water without the expense or the need to carry bottles from the supermarket. The Aqua Cleer fulfils this promise with its two- or three-stage filtering system.

The storage tanks and filters can be fitted neatly under the sink to provide 250 gallons of perfect drinking water on tap every month. Not only that, everything you make with water - tea, coffee, ice cubes, fruit squashes, soup - will taste infinitely better.

Culligan drinking water filters system detailsThe first filter removes fine particulates such as sediment, dirt, sand and other particles as small as 5-microns.

The second stage has an activated carbon filter that removes chlorine, unpleasant tastes and unwanted odours.

The final stage, the reverse osmosis filter, dissolves remaining solids including sodium, asbestos, lead, arsenic, nitrates and some organics. These are flushed away to the drain and the pure water flows into the storage tank.

Important fact: In an average lifetime, the human body consumes 16,000 gallons of water. Water without contaminants helps to ensure the body keeps running as it should.